Corporate Security Cover Letter

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Samantha Holloway
4592 Reel Avenue
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Sep 3, 2010

Ms. Cecilia Ryder
Textron Corporate
229 Farland Street
Hickory Hills, IL 60457

Dear Ms. Ryder,

This letter is intended as an introduction and inquiry into a Corporate Security position with your company. I know that my ability to work many different hours as well as be on guard at all times would be a benefit to Textron Corporate.

The following is a summary of my qualifications that I would offer to your company in the event that I am hired:

•I have over 5 years of experience working in security and over 8 years working in the corporate aspect of it.

•I can offer a full knowledge of all security systems as well as cameras and computer equipment that records all actions of the building and parking lot.

•My skills with people mean that I can disarm a potential explosive situation with very little trouble and I also have the skills to program all identification badges that are worn by employees and visitors.

I know that every building and business needs to be secure in order to mitigate the possibility of theft or property damage. This means working more than regular business hours and I can be available for all shifts which would benefit Textron Corporate.

I can be reached at (777)-652-1729 or emailed at [email] to further discuss my abilities and history that I would bring to the company.


Your Signature

Samantha Holloway

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