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Rae Ann Graph
16 Scituate Avenue
Scituate, MA 18767
March 24, 2008
Phillip Christopherson
Restaurant Manager
Louie’s Steakhouse
45 Meaty Way
Charlotte, NC 98456
Dear Mr. Christopherson,
As an experienced fry cook in the hospitality industry, I offer my well established ten years of kitchen experience, as well as a host of industry-specific skills and qualifications to the disposal of your restaurant.
I have always had a keen interest for all culinary pursuits, and studied culinary coursework in high school. I then, moved onto achieving an esteemed degree from the Culinary Institute of North Carolina, gaining not only full accreditation in all means of culinary design and function; but also, specialized awards in Dessert Innovation.
Beyond just having the education, talent, and skills for succeeding in any culinary industry pursuit; most importantly, I offer a intense passion for the art and function of cooking and baking; and want to offer this full and comprehensive package of applicant career value to the benefit of your business at Louie’s Steakhouse.
Louie’s Steakhouse is an establishment that I have long enjoyed visiting as a consumer, and often looked up to as regards your attention to quality product, cooking standards, and presentation. I want more than anything to put my experience and talents to work for this success that you offer. To this end, I submit my candidacy, and look forward to speaking with regarding the opportunity of an upcoming position as Fry Cook or a position to that nature.
Thank you so much for your time.
Best Regards,
Rae Ann Graph

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