Cover Letter For A College Student

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Dear Mr. Winfrey,

I am a senior at the California State University, and I am interested in interviewing for an entry level Publishing position with RGF Publishing House. Having researched the industry and surveyed my qualifications, I know that RGF Publishing House offers the right environment for me to build upon already solid skills and qualifications that I possess, and contribute a great deal to its success.

Academically, I have been involved in a comprehensive range of editing, English, and communications courses-along with an on-site internship for a publishing company-and this provides me with the ideal foundation for furthering the interests of RGF Publishing House. Moreover, my hands on time spent in the publishing company as an intern-typesetting documents, speaking with prospective clients, and seeing just how a company of this kind functions has given me an already deeper appreciation of the business-than I once previously had.

I know that I will be a good addition to the RGF Publishing House team and ever changing environment, and I submit my intense interest to an entry level position to this end. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you further.


Rebecca George

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