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Dear Mr. Waterston,

I am a senior at the University of New Mexico, and am looking to begin my career in Retail Corporate Management in a few short months. I contact you, because I believe that Wegmans Foods has a commitment to long term success and honors all the business and personal values I see as my own: integrity, hard work, and quality attention to every detail. I want to be a part of this success.

Academically, my programs and field of study at the University of New Mexico’s Business Administration and Retail Management programs have given me the solid foundation of business ethics, consumerism, and industry awareness needed to be successful in the highly competitive world of consumer goods. I have gained a solid understanding of the core business values at stake in this industry, as well as the hard work, ingenuity, and a well honed ear for the customer market voice.

While in school, I also spent all four years and part of high school; working in various kinds of retail environments-from grocery stores to pharmacies and fashion stores-in a variety of different functions from management to associate. This has only helped to enhance the well rounded preparation I have taken, in anticipation of putting my talents, enthusiasm, and knowledge to work. From my combined experience in college and that of the retail environments, I have learned not just the significance of the method and theory of Retail Management; but also, the commitment, hard work, and versatility that it takes to put this information, objectives, and ideals to work.

I believe I am the perfect candidate for your company’s short and long term business goals, and I thank you for the opportunity to discuss my interest and skills. I look forward to your response.


Tamara Jinco

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