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Dear Ms. Rhonda Beck,

I am seeking a position in the Creative Writing industry.

I have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Oregon State University and extensive knowledge of the English language. Some of my courses focused on research, grammar and literature and my experience includes working as a journalist for three years. I have a natural talent for writing but worked hard over the last several years to perfect my editing skills.

I am familiar with the different types of media options, which includes having experience writing and publishing web content. I have very strong research skills that help to ensure all informational content is accurate along with the ability to follow all copyright laws. I have the skills to create content that captures the attention of the audience and leaves them wanting more.

I have a good imagination with the ability to produce original work that is interesting and informative. I am highly motivated, professional and possess the determination and persistence to create exceptional content. I also have the ability to handle criticism and rejection with an open mind and to make improvements where needed.

My skills include having a good eye for detail, excellent time management skills and the ability to work on several projects within a specific period while maintaining excellence. My resume contains a detailed look at my educational background, experience and skills along with references from past employers and my portfolio, so you can view samples of my previous work.

If you have an opening that requires a writer with my skills and experience, you can contact me for an interview by calling (555)-555-5555.


Your Signature

Carman Kuhlman

Enclosure: Resume

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