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Dear Ms. Walters,

I am applying for the Customer Relationship Manager position with Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications and I worked four years as a customer service manager where I gained lots of experience dealing with customers personally. I have the ability to stay calm and professional when working in this high stressful environment, even with dealing with disgruntle and agitated customers.

I can even help them to calm down and help find a suitable solution to the problem by finding out exactly what would make them happy and then coming as close to this as possible. Most customers just want to know that your company really appreciates their business enough to listen and make an effort.

I am self-motivated and determined to provide the best possible service to customers and I have the ability to solve problems in a fast, efficient manner. I am computer literate and I have experience dealing with customers in person, by phone and by email. I have the skills to keep excellent records of all issues that arise and how they were handled.

I have excellent leadership skills with the ability to keep the department running smoothly and efficiently. I have the skills to ensure targeted sales are being met and that all deliveries are handled appropriately and according to schedule. I am a fast learner with the ability to learn all about your products along with your policies and procedures in a short time-frame.

I hope to meet with you soon to discuss this position in more detail and you can reach me by calling (555)-555-5555.


Your Signature

Shelby Schlater

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