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Dear Ms. Cristie Urbano,

I am searching for a position in Customer Service where my professionalism and friendly attitude is appreciated.

If your customer service department is having difficulty meeting the expectations of your customers, I can help. The way you handle problems is a direct reflection on you and if handled incorrectly, it can damage your reputation. I worked for Boston Scientific Corporation for three years where I gained the knowledge and skills to help turn a bad experience into an opportunity to build strong customer/company relationships.

I have the understanding and compassion to sympathize with customers and the communication skills to help them understand the company’s point of view. Once communication is established, my pervasive personality and friendly demeanor will help me find a solution that is satisfactory for both the consumer and the company.

I can work efficiently as part of a team and help co-workers deal with difficult situations but I also have the ability to work independently or to take the lead and provide directions for others to help keep the department running smoothly while building up the company’s image.

I have the ability to provide professional service in person or by phone and the ability to remain calm and respectful when dealing with customers that are rude or verbally abusive. Please take a few minutes to go over the enclosed resume to learn more about the experience and training I have to offer and how it can help your company reach its long-term goals.

You can reach me for an interview at (555)-555-5555.



Laura Swanson

Encl: Resume

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