DEA Special Agent Cover Letter

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Dear Ms. Christina Pothier,

I would like to be considered for the DEA Special Agent program that is available at PeopleFirst Florida.

I earned a master’s degree in criminology and worked in law enforcement on a drug task team for many years. I am considered a sharp shooter and can pass the tactical, intellectual, and firearms examinations that are required of me. I am in good physical shape and would have no problem passing the Basic Agent Training program. I understand that I may have to relocate for some assignments and do not have any issue with this.

I can successfully enforce the government’s laws regarding controlled substances and illegal drugs. I can follow any agency’s rules and regulations for the purposes of identification, arrest and prosecuting offenders. I understand that this may require me to not only travel in the United States but internationally too. I am just as effective working as a team or working on my own on a case.

My investigative skills are top notch and have a high level of terrorist knowledge. I am versatile and can be extremely flexible while performing the tasks that are required of me. When the job requires me to put on a new skin and go under cover I can be incredibly effective. I am considered a drug expert and have had to testify in criminal trials on occasion and would be a great mouth piece for this agency.

I can be available at any time for an interview and you can reach me by calling (555)-555-5555.


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Robert Guerra

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