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Bruce Grant

2392 Saint James Drive

Harrisburg, PA 17101



Aug 30, 2013

Ms. Patrice Steffan

1661 Gateway Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Ms. Patrice Steffan,

I am interested in a career as a Detective Sergeant and would appreciate if you could review my attached resume.

I am a United States citizen and have a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I am able to pass any background check that is required and my family could also pass these tests. I am also able to pass any psychological and character tests that would be required. I have previously worked in law enforcement including an internship while I was attending college.

I understand that this career path requires one to work many hours and that I may spend the majority of my time in the office working on cases. I have great written skills and can write out reports in a manner that can be understood by all in the event of a court appearance. I have experience discussing my investigative techniques in a court room setting and am concise and to the point. It is important to only focus on the evidence at hand and to not be distracted by those in the courtroom.

I understand all criminal laws, both on this state’s level and in the federal level and would never compromise a case by not following these laws. I know this job can at times be physically demanding and I work out and keep my body in great physical condition. I can also work well on my own or as a part of an investigative team to get to the truth of the case.

Please feel free to contact me any time by calling (555)-555-5555 to set up a time and date for an interview.


Bruce Grant

Bruce Grant

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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