Dialysis Assistant Cover Letter

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Beverly Halcomb
104 Joes Road
Albany, NY 12207

Ms. Sandra Culp
Holy Cross Hospital
4836 Colonial Drive
College Station, TX 77840

Dear Ms. Sandra Culp,

I am applying for the position of Dialysis Assistant now available with Holy Cross Hospital.

After graduating high school, I completed a training program and acquired the necessary certifications to hold this position. I stay updated on all the latest technology and procedures as they become available. I am CPR certified and I have the ability to stay calm and act quickly during emergencies.

I have excellent people skills and lots of patience to work with these patients and their families during this difficult time. I understand how stressful and scary it can be dealing with serious medical conditions such as kidney disease and I can sympathize while building a professional relationship with these patients. I also have strong verbal and writing skills with the ability to work effectively with other health care professions.

I am familiar with the dialysis equipment and I know how to set up, clean and maintain these machines. I have the skills and ability to monitor vital signs and the overall condition of the patient before, after and during the procedure. I also have the training needed to administer the medications prescribed.

I have the ability to explain the procedures to the patients, answer any questions they have and provide them with instructions relating to the treatment. I have a good eye for detail with the ability to notice small signs that could indicate a problem. I also have the ability to keep accurate records of patient behavior and any changes that take place.

I am familiar with and adhere to all laws and regulations associated with dialysis nursing practices and my contact number is (111)-889-3012.



Beverly Halcomb

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