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Dear Ms. Deborah Venne,

I am searching for a position where my knowledge of Ecology will be beneficial and used to enhance the future of humanity.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Clemson University and I have the ability to research and understand complex data. While doing volunteer work for a conservation charity, I gained extensive field experience that includes conducting surveys to gather information concerning plants and animals. I studied and kept detailed records of the data collected along with the condition of the environment where the information was located.

My experience also involved collecting and testing samples, managing projects and building computer models demonstrating the impact changes can have on the environment. I also have the ability to organize and implement educational programs to help inform officials and the public of all findings.

My knowledge and skills include technical writing skills with the ability to write reports showing the possible effects climate change will have on the environment and its inhabitants. It also includes creating proposals and providing recommendations for ways to conserve the eco-system.

I have very strong verbal and technical skills with the ability to create and give inspirational presentations that generate positive attention. I possess good problem solving skills along with the ability to help find solutions to complex problems. My personal skills also include strong time management, analytical and interpersonal skills. If your organization needs someone who specializes in the study of the plant and animal species, I am available for interviews.

Please call (555)-555-5555 to make arrangements.


David Griffin

David Griffin

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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