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Francisco Bernal
3408 Heliport Loop
Farmersburg, IN 47879

Jul 7, 2010

Mr. Donnie Grundy
Tinghino Electric Inc
4965 Clinton Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Dear Mr. Grundy,

I am looking to begin my career as an electrician by becoming an Electrician Helper and would like to apply at your company for a chance at obtaining this position. I know that it takes a certain type of person and a lot of hard work along with dedication to gather the skills necessary to become a full fledged electrician at Tinghino Electric Inc.

The following is a list of my skills and experience that may help you to decide on choosing me for a helper:

•I am eager and earnest and know that I can be a positive member of your team and your company.

•My ability to take advice and to learn is another trait that I would bring to this position.

•I am a quick learner and pick up new skills quickly and without having to be shown twice which means I can get through a helper program very quickly.

I know that it can take years to move up from a helper to becoming a full electrician but I am willing to put in the time and effort that is required. For this reason, I know that I would be a valued member of the team at Tinghino Electric Inc.

I would like to meet to discuss what I can offer your company. I can be reached at (111)-490-4588 or emailed at [email]



Francisco Bernal

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