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Allen Whitt
1072 Tea Berry Lane
Hudson, WI 54016

Jan 12, 2013

Ms. Teresa Hicks
Battlecry Studios
2582 Augusta Park
Daybrook, WV 26570

Dear Ms. Hicks,

I am applying for the Environment Artist position now available with Battlecry Studios and I hope to become the newest member of your team.

I have the skills and training that your company seeks and I welcome the opportunity to put my knowledge to work for such a reputable corporation. I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Art and over two years of experience working in the gaming industry with graphic art designs.

I have experience working with all of the programs and software required by this job, including experience building and integrating 3D designs. I have the creativity and skills needed to create unique background designs for the games that you create that will stand out and have gamers talking. I can also make recommendations for improving productivity.

I have the abilities to do extensive research to help create designs that are realistic and suited for the era or environment. I also have a great imagination for the designs that are futuristic or purely fictional. My communication skills are outstanding and I have the ability to understand instructions regardless of whether they are delivered in person, by email or on the phone.

I have the ability to remain calm and productive even when working long hours and in a stressful environment to meet tight deadlines. I have an easygoing personality and work well in groups but I am also self-motivated and can accomplish my goals when working alone.

I look forward to meeting with you soon and you can contact me by calling (333)-363-2049.



Allen Whitt

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