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Dear Ms. Eyre,

I am applying for the Fashion Merchandiser position with your company and would like my attached resume to be considered. My knowledge goes beyond what is the current trend and includes knowing the best fabrics to be used on new designs that are being marketed to the general public which would be an asset to Winston Retail.

I have summarized my experience and knowledge below that is found on my resume:

My experience includes more than eight years in the fashion industry and I have a firm grasp on what it takes to get a design from concept to the public.

I know the trends and can do the analysis to understand what styles are popular for each demographic and I know how to buy the right product for them.

The production side of fashion is my niche and I can get items from the designer’s conceptual piece and into the production side of manufacturing quickly which is a bonus to your company.

I know that it takes a full team to get mass produced clothing from the manufacturing process to the stores. For this reason, I know that my skills would be beneficial to Winston Retail.

A meeting between us to further discuss my background would benefit both parties. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or emailed at [email]


Your Signature

Ann Dupre

Enclosure: Resume

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