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Stephen Saunders
2045 Scheuvront Drive
Northglenn, CO 80221

Ms. Connie Hopson
Major Fast Food Restaurant
1866 Sampson Street
Denver, CO 80202

Dear Ms. Connie Hopson,

Qualified individual seeking an entry-level position in the Fast Food Restaurant.

I am in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree in business management and hope to find a position as part of the crew for a restaurant that offers advancements. I have an easy going personality and work well as part of the team but I am also self-motivated with good leadership skills and a desire to move up in the industry.

I have just over a year’s experience working for Qdoba Restaurant and my main job was running a cash register. During this time, my drawer was always within the allowed over/shortage range. I learned how to provide excellent customer service by responding to difficult situations in a calm but timely fashion and by taking that extra step to ensure the needs of the customers were handled efficiently.

To help prepare for a position in the fast food industry, I acquired a food safety certificate and learned how to prepare food and beverages safely. This helps to qualify me to work in the kitchen preparing foods as well as running a cash register. I am also physically fit and have the stamina to walk and stand for long periods.

I learn fast and have the ability to keep up during the peak hours to keep the customers steadily moving, while still providing courteous and efficient service. I enjoy working with the public and always maintain a clean personal appearance. I also have the ability to help keep the facility clean along with the skills to be a great asset to any restaurant team.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (333)-866-8104.


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Stephen Saunders

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