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Dear Ms. Dorothy Davis,

I am seeking a position within the Fine Arts industry where I can use my bachelor’s degree from California State University, combined with my natural talents to become a valuable asset to the right company.

I have included my portfolio containing samples of my work with the enclosed resume to help give you a better idea of my style of work but here is a brief recap of what I have to offer. I volunteered at the community art museum for over two years during which time I gained extensive knowledge of many famous art pieces and various artists.

My duties included setting up exhibits, answering questions, giving presentations that explained the history of the art on display and caring for delicate art pieces properly to avoid damage. I am familiar with the latest technology used in this industry and have advanced research skills along with the ability to stay updated on all of the latest news and information relating to fine arts.

I am creative and enjoy expressing my thoughts through art but at the same time, I am objective and open to new ideas and have the ability to accept criticism graciously. My long-term goal is to become an art appraiser. Therefore, I am interested in acquiring any position that will enhance my skills and knowledge and that will help me gain the experience needed to accomplish that goal.

If you have an opening, please call (555)-555-5555 to arrange a meeting where we can discuss the details in person.



Jorge Martinez

Encl: Resume

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