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There is a very detailed and necessary etiquette that is involved in the process of applying to jobs. Based on whether or not you follow it correctly, most often determines your likelihood of getting an interview. For example, you’ve probably heard of the thank you letter that applicants send off to their interviewer a couple days after an interview for a job opening. Its function is to exchange a pleasantry as well as refresh the interviewer’s mind of the specific job applicant-when it comes to deciding who gets another interview or the job. Very close to this form of letter is the follow up cover letter-though this document can often be more effective, if created correctly. Though many people are not aware of this kind-it can surely make a difference in effectively approaching and impressing a prospective employer even after the interview has been completed.

What is a Follow Up Cover Letter?

So, whereas a follow thank you letter thanks the interviewer for their time, etc etc; a follow up cover letter thanks the interviewer; but also reviews the candidate’s most applicable skills and experience in a way that does not regurgitate the same info listed on the initial cover letter-but instead, addresses these highlights in a way that is mentioning as opposed to confrontational.

The Function of a Follow Up Cover Letter

A follow up thank you letter is a nice way of taking the extra step to thank an interviewer for their time and considering an applicant for a position; but often, more is needed in this follow up address. Why, you may wonder? Simply, because first-everyone sends a follow up thank you letter, so yours probably won’t stand out; and second, that you need to identify yourself in the mix of many applicants that they are probably considering-with a review of your most compelling value. An employer is more likely to remember you from an interview if you remind them of your most valuable skills, stories addressed in the interviewed, or the like.

How Do You Write a Follow Up Cover Letter?

When it comes to properly writing a letter of this kind that will be effective in getting an employer’s attention-it is crucial that you do your research on various templates and samples out there on the topic. It is absolutely vital that you do not repeat what you defined in your first cover letter-as earlier mentioned-but also, that you draw a line to a positive experience in the interview-if there, hopefully, was one.

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