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Steven Figueiredo
2627 Hilltop Drive
Plainview, TX 79072

Ms. Olga Mann
Fox Meadow Middle School
3418 Ferrell Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Dear Ms. Olga Mann,

I am writing to apply for the Geography Teacher position with Fox Meadow Middle School

I have a bachelor’s degree in education with courses that focused on cultural and human geography and history but most of my attention was focused on physical geography and maps. I successfully completed an internship where I worked in the classroom and learned much about creating curriculum and child development.

I have a state license to teach and the knowledge and skills to create lesson plans that adhere to your schools standards. I also have the ability to create tests and exams to measure how well the students are learning.

I hope to use my education and skills to help the students in your elementary school learn all they can about geography. I believe this is a fascinating subject and I have the enthusiasm and creativity to make it interesting for the students so they will want to learn more. I feel that it is important to take students on field trips so they can see for themselves how interesting this subject can be.

I have the ability to connect with the students and to provide information in a way that is appropriate for the age of the average student. I can also provide a little extra help for those you need it to ensure all students have an opportunity to learn about geography. I am familiar with all the latest technology used to help teach students about the different topics and I plan to stay updated on anything new that can enhance the learning process.

Please call (111)-296-4626 to arrange an interview.


Steven Figueiredo

Steven Figueiredo

Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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