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A graduate school cover letter is required of any undergraduate student who seeks to pursue an advanced degree in their field of choice. This said, as graduate programs can be extremely limited, one must know how to properly structure a letter of address into the graduate program. Below, is an example of how an applicant for graduate school should approach the school program.
Hunter Thomas
14 Breakers Way
Pacifica, CA 97854
Dr. Greg Hijio
English Teaching
Stanford University
RE: Application for Master’s Degree in English Teaching
Dear Dr. Greg Hijio,
It is with much pleasure that I submit my application for a Master’s Degree in English Teaching in the Department of English Teaching at Stanford University. At present, I am completing my Bachelors of Art in English Communicationsat Stanford University, and want to expand upon the stellar experience and curriculum already gained through the writing, analysis, and teaching of English Communications by being a part of the English Teaching Masters program
I believe the information and education that the Stanford English Teaching Master’s Degree will offer me will further develop all of the skills, qualifications, and understanding of what is required to be an excellent English teacher. More than that, it offers me the opportunity to expand my education and passion for the industry through a school I have learned so much from-one of the best universities in the world. From being a part of learning from the Stanford curriculum and staff, I am thoroughly confident that no other group of professors and assistants could provide me with the best skills and experience available, to facilitate my dream of broadening minds and helping students to do great things through this expansion of thought, perspective, and ability.
Thank you so very much for your time and consideration. Please contact me if there is anything else I need to provide. I look forward to speaking with you further in the future.
Hunter Thomas

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