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Matthew Trainor
2130 Thompson Drive
Oakland, CA 94601

Oct 23, 2010

Mr. Michael Neary
2124 Henry Ford Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74145

Dear Mr. Neary,

I am writing this letter with the hopes of applying for your opening for a position of Hall Director, and have attached my resume to this letter in order to inform you why I am the best person for this position. I know that this requires someone who can take responsibility for the function of the hall and to be there for the students when needed.

I have worked as a hall director for close to ten years and I enjoy the fast paced and high energy life of this type of work entails. I know that there are many personalities and getting them together all in one place can be demanding but it can also be rewarding. I feel that I can bring a refreshing perspective as well as an insight to those who are working with me.

This is one of those jobs that require different working hours and I would be available at any time of the night or day should the students or staff members need me. I know that a meeting to discuss my background and experience would be in both of our best interests. I can be reached by calling (111)-801-6721 or by emailing [email]



Matthew Trainor

Encl: Resume

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