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A school counselor needs to be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate well with students, follow all reporting guidelines when it comes to major issues or potential crimes against children, and provide good guidance to those who need it. This is a field that draws a diverse set of applicants, so it is important to craft a solid school counselor cover letter that will help to differentiate you from the rest of the applicant pool.
The education needed to become a school counselor varies from state to state, but all states require at least a bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, or a related field. Most states ask for a master’s degree in such a field along with additional licensing. In terms of work experience, anything that puts you in touch with young people or a counseling career path will help build your resume for this position.
The sample school counselor cover letter presented below assumes a state whose requirements fit the normal guidelines of a master’s degree and certification. You should make sure you know what the requirements for this position in your state are, but the school’s guidelines are also important to follow. If, for example, your state only requires a bachelor’s degree but potential employers in the area want a master’s degree, it is best to seek out further education before applying.

Sarah Chaine
32 Widow Lane
Portland, ME 04101
June 30, 2014
George Arthur
Assistant Headmaster
Portland High School
19 Main Street
Portland, ME 04101
Dear Mr. Arthur,
I am writing to introduce myself as a candidate for the open school counselor position with Portland High School. My experience as a counselor is extremely strong, and I am passionate about providing guidance and assistance to young people in need. With Portland High School’s strong dedication to quality assistance for students, I believe that this is the perfect match for somebody with my skills.
I received a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and completed a master’s degree at that same school in 2012. Since then, I worked mostly as a counselor with social services before accepting a role as a school counselor at Walter Williams Memorial High School. Now that I have moved to the Portland area, I have a strong desire to continue this career path with a school that is clearly dedicated to providing the best possible support for children and adults alike. You will find me to be very motivated, compassionate, and dedicated to providing the best communication possible to students who need my services.
You can find my resume enclosed, and I can provide references upon request. If you have any questions about my resume or experience, please feel free to contact me via phone at (207) 785-8541 or by email at [email] Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to discuss this matter further with you in a face to face interview in the near future.
Sarah Chaine
Enclosed: Resume

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