Writing an Excellent Cover Letter for a Capable Dental Hygienist

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Entering the world of dental hygiene means acquiring the skills necessary not only to clean teeth and deliver medical instructions, but to communicate well with patients while also making sure that the doctor’s orders get followed. This is a competitive field that draws a diverse applicant pool. If you expect to land a job in this area, writing a good dental hygienist cover letter is an absolute must.
Dental hygienists typically need to have a two-year certificate program or associate’s degree in order to enter this field. In addition, they will normally need to become accredited by a licensing board in the state they intend to practice. Some candidates opt to go for additional certifications or full bachelor’s degrees. Typically, this is a desirable step that can make you stand out as a stronger candidate. Very few individuals in this field need to go any further than a bachelor’s degree when it comes to their education level.
This is a position that tends to draw a very diverse group of applicants, so it is important to make sure you put as much of your own personality and experience into the application as possible. The sample dental hygienist cover letter covers the basics such as education and experience, but you should make sure to use this format as a guideline rather than a rule to follow. The more you include about yourself in your application, the better your chances of landing a job will be.

Fred Meehan
99 Miles Way
Seattle, WA 98101
June 30, 2014
Rebecca Jones
Office Administrator
Jernigan Dentistry
61 Radius Drive
Seattle, WA 98101
Dear Ms. Jones,
I am writing to express my interest in the dental hygienist position that has been posted by Jernigan Dentistry. My experience includes performing this role for other dental practices throughout the state of Washington. Now that I have moved to the Seattle area, I am eager to begin working for a high-quality and demanding dentistry office. I have every reason to believe that your practice will be a perfect fit for an individual with my set of unique skills.
My college experience comes from Washington State Community College, where I received a two-year certificate in dental hygiene. Since gaining this certificate, I have found employment in three different dental offices around the state, first as a receptionist and later as a dental hygienist. Coming to the Seattle area is very exciting because of the wide range of different people I have an opportunity to work with. Should you hire me, I will bring a strong work ethic, top-notch communication skills, and solid practical knowledge to your practice.
My resume is enclosed, and I can provide references upon request. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter further, I can be reached by phone at (206) 321-5643 or via email at [email] Thank you for your time, and I hope to discuss this matter further with you very soon.
Fred Meehan
Enclosed: Resume

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