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After going through all the education and licensing procedures, it can be difficult to condense your skills and experience into a concise but interesting registered nurse cover letter. When doing so, it is important to highlight all your relevant education and training but also to provide personal and work details that indicate you have the organizational skills, compassion, and ability to react well under stress that a registered nurse must possess.
Becoming a registered nurse requires either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing, with the latter being more highly prized among most employers. Additionally, you will need to complete an RN education program in order to get your certification. When on the job, you will be expected to interact frequently with patients and assist doctors directly in both check-ups and medical procedures.
This is a sample registered nurse cover letter written by somebody who received her certification fairly recently and who has worked as a full-fledged nurse for only a year. Those with more experience have the benefit of more details to include as well as professional recommendations that can greatly improve your chances of being hired.

Sally Daniels
89 Hollister Road
San Antonio, TX 78056
June 10, 2014
Felix McBride
Human Resources Manager
Walter Memorial Hospital
11 Main Street
San Antonio, TX 78056
Dear Mr. McBride,
I am writing in order to express my interest in becoming a registered nurse with Walter Memorial Hospital. This is a position that requires somebody with a high level of education and experience in this field, and I believe that I would be an excellent asset for you.
I graduated from the University of Florida at Miami with a bachelor degree in nursing science and received my certification as a registered nurse shortly afterward. Since then, I have had the good fortune to work with a very experienced staff at Florida State Hospital, which provided me with a year of training as a full-time nurse. Now that I have moved to the state of Texas, I am eager to put my skills to good use in a fast-paced hospital environment.
Throughout my training and education, I have worked particularly hard on developing excellent patient communication skills. My fund of knowledge is extremely broad, as I have collaborated closely with nurses, physician assistants, and doctors from many different medical disciplines. My position at Florida State Hospital also required some teaching skills, and I am capable of training newcomers to the field as well as providing educational instruction to nursing students as needed. My position placed me in many high-stress emergency situations, and I am more than capable of taking on similar challenges with Walter Memorial Hospital.
A copy of my resume is enclosed, and I can provide references upon request. You can contact me via phone at (210) 309-0099 throughout the day. My email address is [email], and I check my messages multiple times per day. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the chance to discuss this opportunity with you further.
Sally Daniels
Enclosed: Resume

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