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Charlotte Hamilton
727 Post Avenue
Newfolden, MN 56738

Sep 2, 2010

Mrs. Dorothy Forte
Prism Retail Services
519 Cottonwood Lane
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Dear Mrs. Forte,

I saw your advertisement for a Merchandiser two days ago and after careful consideration, decided to apply for it. I have attached my resume to this cover letter to illustrate that I have the sales skills as well as personality to a great part of the team at your company. Not only do I have the sales skills, but I am also proficient at marketing the items that are being sold too.

It takes a great deal of understanding of trends in the marketplace in order to be an effective Merchandiser. I have an Associate’s Degree in Statistics along with ten years working in merchandising and know that there is more to selling than simply throwing items on a shelf and hoping they are purchased. Many times it takes an effective display in order for customers to want to purchase the items.

There are also target markets to think about as well as seasonal products and I am fully aware of making sure that seasonal items are on the shelves with enough time for purchase. All these skills would make it beneficial for your company. I feel that a meeting between us would be in order and I can be reached by calling (111)-197-1240 or by emailing me at [email]



Charlotte Hamilton

Encl: Resume

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