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Olin Wilson
2873 Polk Street
Tucson, AZ 85716

Ms. Lucille Willis
Hoff-barthelson Music School
4344 Woodland Terrace
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Ms. Lucille Willis,

I am currently seeking a career in music and have attached my resume to this document for consideration by your school’s Hoff-barthelson Music School hiring director.

My education and experience includes a bachelor’s degree in music along with six years teaching all grade levels of music to students. In my past position it was my responsibility to teach music courses to students, including voice, tone, tempo and rhythm skills and to train, rehearse and lead students in the school and community musical programs. I always conduct music classes according to rules and regulations established by Board of education and can develop and maintain an effective music educational program for students.

There is also no problem with my scheduling daily classes to instruct and rehearse within the assigned timeframe allowed and I also understand the potentials and skills of each student and can guide said individual students according to their skills. This includes evaluating all student performances and providing feedback and assistance to improve their musical skills. When necessary, I am able to recommend maintenances and repairs for musical instruments along with maintaining student behavioral standards to ensure a productive and disciplined environment during group rehearsals, practices, and performances.

There would be time set aside to collaborate with the school administration to organize musical programs for civic functions and school productions and to monitor the students in and out of the classrooms. I always provide and maintain a safe and positive learning environment for students.

I can be reached at any time to set up an interview by calling (222)-364-2961. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Your Signature

Olin Wilson

Enclosure: Resume

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