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Joseph Snyder
4949 Daffodil Lane
Arlington, VA 22201

Sep 12, 2010

Mr. Mathew Garcia
Public Health Solutions
4069 Sycamore Circle
Dallas, TX 75247

Dear Mr. Garcia,

I present my resume today for the position that a fellow colleague, Mr. Lawrence Taranto, recently recommended me for-your position of Public Health Solutions.

What began as a desire to make myself as holistically healthy through a regimen of exercise and proper nutrition soon became a passion to learn all I could about the science of bodily wellness through the proper balanced diet of vitamins, nutrients, and supplementation. This earnestness drove me to achieve my degree in Nutritional Sciences, and the last seven years since graduation-I have spent helping people of all ages and bodily ailments find a nutritional balance in their eating habits so that they feel and look as healthy as possible. I would love to bring this knowledge and level of commitment to your team at Public Health Solutions.

Please tell me when is a good time to call, and discuss more about my career background. My phone number is (123)-875-1296 and I would very much appreciate an opportunity to meet. Thank you for your time and response.


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Joseph Snyder

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