Operations Coordinator Cover Letter

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Cecilia Ryder
229 Farland Street
Hickory Hills, IL 60457

Nov 7, 2010

Mr. Thomas West
Sunoco Logistics
3757 Hill Haven Drive
Waco, TX 76701

Dear Mr. West,

I recently moved to your area due to family issues and was thrilled to see the position of Operations Coordinator that was listed in the Memphis Daily News. In order to highlight my experience and background, I have attached my resume to this letter. I know you will find that I am well qualified and that I offer all of the skills needed to be an effective part of the team at your company.

My education began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and I have been working in Operations for ten years now and plan on staying in this niche for the length of my career. This position requires a great deal of communication with the heads of departments and I have the ability to coordinate them effectively. I am also highly organized and know the importance of prioritizing my tasks for the day.

Any company needs to have that one person who can keep all aspects of the operations in order and running efficiently. I am the person who can do this for your company and would be an asset to the team. I feel that a meeting would benefit both of us so we can discuss our mutual needs. You can reach me by calling (111)-450-8085 to schedule a time to get together.



Cecilia Ryder

Encl: Resume

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