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David Kinney
184 Richison Drive
Alta, MT 59829

Ms. Melissa Correia
Charleston Newspapers
990 Snider Street
Avondale, CO 81022

Dear Ms. Melissa Correia,

I am seeking a position in the newspaper industry and have noticed the recent listing in your newspaper Charleston Newspapers. In consideration of this opening, I have attached my resume and list of references for you to browse at your convenience.

My education includes a high school diploma and I have worked in the paper industry for more than four years on a part time basis. In my previous position, it was my duty to insert all advertising into the newspaper and to then bundle them for the delivery to the carriers. I understand that this position will require me to work non normal hours rather than the industry standard nine to five of most other jobs. In regards to this, there is no problem with my working any shift hours nor would there be an issue with my having the ability to be on the job on time for each shift that is scheduled.

It is also understood that there is heavy lifting, bending and long hours standing in one place required in the fulfillment of this position. In regards to these issues, I am able to lift more than twenty five pounds easily and am in great physical condition. I am also a licensed driver and would not have a problem driving to other locations to deliver the bundled newspapers when required by the company. My vehicle’s insurance is up to date and I have no negative marks on my driver’s license.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (222)-616-5493.


Your Signature

David Kinney

Enclosure: Resume

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