Physiotherapy Assistant Cover Letter

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Charles Fuhrman
4810 Dog Hill Lane
Palmer, KS 66962

Ms. Stephanie Holcomb
Lexington Medical Center
4970 Black Stallion Road
Lexington, KY 40507

Dear Ms. Stephanie Holcomb,

I am applying for a physiotherapy assistant position with your facility Lexington Medical Center and have attached my resume and references for your consideration and convenience.

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy where my coursework included anatomy, physiology and psychology and am certified in this state. I also have more than six years of experience working in the industry which has brought me the knowledge to initiate appropriate physiotherapy intervention programs for patients or clients suffering from immobility. It is also in my skill set to assess and evaluate all physical disabilities that were caused by neurological disorders, stroke, diseases or injuries. This is done in order to bring wellness and mobility in patients with physical disabilities or other neurological disorders through physiotherapy treatment programs.

It was also my duty to help clients to handle all pain and any physical problems caused by illnesses, disabilities and injuries while managing and treating patients with disabilities in their home and through community care. One vital aspect of the treatment program was to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to provide patient care and comfort.

My computer skills are very good which is important when it comes time to maintain and update patient records and documents. It also takes good verbal communication skills to be able to provide quality physiotherapist treatment to the highest possible levels and when consulting and collaborating with physicians and other medical professionals in providing physiotherapy treatments.

If you would like to contact me to set up an interview, I can be reached by calling (333)-822-1356.


Your Signature

Charles Fuhrman

Enclosure: Resume

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