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Carolyn Allen
3533 Sunny Glen Lane
Cleveland, OH 44114

Jan 30, 2013

Ms. Ruth Chin
USAA Real Estate Company
4336 Hidden Pond Road
Nashville, TN 37216

Dear Ms. Chin,

I am very interested in the Property Accountant position at USAA Real Estate Company.

I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and I worked for a real estate agency in the accounting department for three years. During this time, I gained valuable experience in both keeping accurate records and the real estate industry.

I have the education and training needed to create cost analysis and financial statements and I am familiar with auditing techniques that will help to keep the budget in order. I also have the skills to prepare portfolios, create a budget plan and keep accurate records of all company assets and funds. I also have the ability to set up escrow accounts and to keep track of all bank accounts and transactions.

I have exceptional communication and research skills with the ability to provide management and clients with accurate information concerning property and to explain all specifics associated with the property. I also possess a very preservative personality with the ability to negotiate excellent prices for buying and selling property.

I know and can adhere to all state and federal laws and regulations associated with property and I know that different rules apply to different types of properties. I also know and adhere to the ethical standards associated with this profession and I believe in providing profession service at all times. I am confident that I have the skills and experience you are searching for in an applicant.

You can reach me by calling (222)-381-1318 and I look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss the particulars of this job in more detail.



Carolyn Allen

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