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Mary Mong
2284 Burwell Heights Road
Nederland, TX 77627

Sep 14, 2010

Mrs. Beverly Adamo
Emmanuel College
3887 Doe Meadow Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Dear Mrs. Adamo,

I write today with both earnestness as well as admiration for your Psychological Research. I have followed your most recent research studies, and I wish to learn all I can by helping you in your next research project. I have included my resume for your consideration.

Briefly, I have a degree in Psychology, and I am working towards my PhD in Psychology. In my educational experience, I have been trained in statistical and theoretical research; and have much practical knowledge in topics such as: social psychology, cognitive psychology, and reactive psychology. I am very enthusiastic to gain considerable knowledge and expertise that working alongside you could offer my career. I hope that you consider me for this esteemed position, as I am dedicated, hardworking, and very well educated in psychological theory and practice.

I thank you for considering me today for this position, and ask that you contact me at (123)-153-4524 to schedule a possible meeting. I would love to go over my background, and learn more about this position.


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Mary Mong

Enclosure: Resume

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