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Janet Carlos
2328 Oxford Court
Greenwood, MS 38903

Sep 13, 2010

Mr. Frank Rush
Publishing & Printing Company
1641 Broadway Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Dear Mr. Rush,

I am applying for the Publisher position that I noticed recently on your website. I have attached these documents in order to put my name forward and to be considered for it. You will find that I am bringing all of the qualifications and experience that is needed to fill this position as well as an enthusiasm for my work.

My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and I have worked in media sales for most of my career that spans twelve years. I am well versed managing sales team and the associated operations in order to bring in more revenue for the company. I have marketing skills and strategies that can be implemented to increase overall sales.

I know that it takes a full sales team who can bring in the monies needed to keep any company going and I know that I am the perfect leader for the team at your company. I am well able to communicate and speak just as eloquently to large groups or individuals. I feel that a meeting would be in both of our best interests and I am available at any time to do this. You can reach me to schedule a time and date by calling (111)-886-6806.


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Janet Carlos

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