Quality Control Inspector Cover Letter

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Brenda Phillips
3722 Mill Street
Greenville, SC 29611

Jan 20, 2013

Ms. Deidre Richardson
Astrix Technology Group
4457 Arrowood Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Dear Ms. Richardson,

I have a real interest in the Quality Control Inspector position with Astrix Technology Group.

My resume outlines my experience and skills relevant to this job but here are a few of the highlights that qualify me to fill this position. I have a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceuticals and four years of experience working as a pharmacist. I have extensive knowledge of the medication your company manufactures, along with the knowledge and skills to ensure they meet the highest standards possible.

The quality of your product is not only important to the success of your business but it also affects the health and well-being of the patients who use it. I am very observant with the ability to pay close attention to details to ensure nothing is overlooked during the testing phrase and I have the knowledge to know exactly what to look for during the tests.

I have excellent computer skills and the patience to run the detailed tests involved in making sure the products meet the quality standards required by the federal government and by your company. I am also familiar with microscopes, testing machines and other technical equipment and I have excellent math skills with the ability to accurately weigh and measure products when testing the sample batches.

I also have the skills to record my findings in detailed reports and the communication skills to explain the exact problems found. This way, the company can take the proper steps to ensure that quality, safety and the purity standards are met.

Please call (123)-934-1556 for an interview.



Brenda Phillips

Encl: Resume

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