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Jeremiah Korman
1719 Reynolds Alley
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Nov 28, 2013

Ms. Cheryl Murphy
Elias Associates, Inc
4950 Haul Road
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Dear Ms. Cheryl Murphy,

I am applying for the Safety Supervisor position with Elias Associates, Inc and I have the ability to help create a safe work environment for your employees.

I have a bachelor’s degree in occupational health and I have acquired a Safety Trained Supervisors certification. My training qualifies me to identify areas within the workplace that pose potential risk hazards. I will utilize my skills to evaluate the equipment, products and employee practices to look for areas that require improvement.

After discovering potential safety issues, I have the communication skills to covey my findings to management both verbally and through reports. I also have excellent writing skills with the ability to keep records of all inspections, the results and action taken if problems are located.

I know and understand the safety codes and regulations set forth by state and federal agencies. I also have the ability to monitor employees to make sure they are following all safety procedures. I have the ability to create and implement new policies and procedures to help resolve any problems found. I have experience putting together training programs designed to help teach employees safety procedures and to teach them how to use the equipment correctly.

I have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and supervise a safety team to ensure a safe work environment. I am dependable, hard working and I always maintain a calm and professional attitude. I am confident that I can be a great asset to your company.

You can reach me by calling (111)-848-4347 and I look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss this position in detail.



Jeremiah Korman

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