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Dear Mr. Officeman:

Your IT department has advertised multiple job openings for which my qualifications and skills qualify me. The first is the position of IT Specialist in Customer Troubleshooting, of which I have had opportunity to gain experience in the past five years servicing customers at Great Computers Help Inc for all setup, use, and troubleshooting issues. The second position for which I am qualified and interested, is that of the IT Department Supervisor, as I have been given the supervisory role over Great Computers Help Inc for the past two years of my experience, overseeing all customer IT help and mentoring/training all department employees. I am thoroughly enthusiastic about both positions at Jonas Media, and submit my qualifications and candidacy to your evaluation to which I might suit better.

My IT experience as both a hands-on IRT professional, and also as an IT department manager gives me the extreme advantage of being able to be both team player and leader, as needed in any capacity of IT applications, tutoring, and responsibilities. I have worked in all the latest technologies, computer OS, applications, etc and can troubleshoot most any computer issue that any system might encounter. I am equipped with all the IT experience, skills, and enthusiasm that either position might require; and I submit my candidacy for whichever you see is a better fit.

Please take the opportunity to review my experience, skills, and education to best address my candidacy at Jonas Media at your earliest convenience, and let me know what might be an opportune time to meet to discuss this information more in-depth. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to grow with your company in either position as you consider my career experience and skill set.


Lillian Wantsajob

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