Cover Letter For A Career Change

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Jimmy Waters
6 West Chester Street
West Chester, PA 77767
Rumors International
45 Tough Enough Avenue
West Chester, PA 77767
Dear Hiring Manager:
I write this letter is to express my interest in discussing the Public Relations position posted on the Rumors International web site, and have submitted my resume. I am very enthusiastic about the prospect of this opening, as my skills, experience, and drive are a perfect match for your needs.
The key career strengths that I offer this position include, but are not limited to, the following:
•Offer superior customer services and interpersonal skills.
•Ability to network with media contacts, and communicate effectively.
•Determined for excellence in job performance and company success.
•Take initiative and work as a team player.
•Passionate about the industry, and eager to learn more.
I look forward to speaking with you further regarding the possibility of working and growing with Rumors International. I am thoroughly committed to all professional functions I serve, and am eager to bring all of my experience, transferable skills, and career qualifications to the success of Rumors International Public Relations department.
Please contact me at the following number: (444)444-4444. Thanks so much for your time.
Jimmy Waters

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