Cover Letter For A Cashier Job

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Tabitha Sorenson
49 Right Left Road
Oklahoma City, OK 77767

March 20, 2009
Ms. Jody Swan,
Store Manager
Rudolph’s Cafй and Bar
33 West Mountain Road
Oklahoma City, OK 77767
Dear Ms. Swan,
I am actively seeking a position as a full-time cashier in a restaurant or cafй, and when I saw your advertisement; I knew I had found the right match. Please take a look at my enclosed resume for more information on my experience.
Briefly, I have approximately two years’ experience as a cashier/sales associate in retail environments; so I know how to work fast, handle finances, perform a variety of register transaction operations, and multi task with customer service. Moreover, I am hard working, have excellent people skills, and learn fast.
Would it be possible for me to drop by next Tuesday, so that we might speak further regarding this position? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for your time, and look forward to speaking with you further.
Tabitha Sorenson
Encl: Resume

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