Cover Letter For A Chef

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Mr. John Sparks
Sparks Fine Cuisine
11 Good Food Way
Tallahassee, FL 09889
Dear Mr. Sparks,
After having read the numerous stellar cuisine reviews in Florida’s Cuisine Weekly as well as frequenting your fine dining establishment; I would like to express my enthusiastic interest in becoming a chef on your team; and have included my resume.
I believe I have the qualifications you require in a chef as I am versatile in almost all areas of kitchen-preparation, sous, desserts, supervision, and preparation; and have worked in a number of prestigious kitchens in the area to include Marty’s Flavor and Le Creperie. I also have over four years professional educational training and accreditation from one of the world’s best dessert institutions: the Food Business Institute.
Along with delivering directed meals and presentations for customer review, I have also had a hand in creating my own dishes-two of which have won impressive awards for their innovation and presentation. I welcome the opportunity to show you photos of these dishes and other preparations I have had a hand at in my experience; as well as cook for you to show you how I can meld flavor, tastes, innovation, and presentation for culinary applause.
I would very much welcome the opportunity to talk more about my experience and passion for the culinary industry, and how I could promote the success of Sparks Fine Cuisines with these talents and expertise. Please contact me and let me know when would be a convenient time for discussion.
Joseph Chef
Joseph Chef
Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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