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Customer service managers can be found in almost any retail outlet as well as call centers and other areas where direct interaction with the customer is essential. These managers need to have a strong attention to detail, the ability to handle a large team of other employees, and the capability to multitask. A bachelor’s degree is usually desirable but not necessary if the candidate has enough experience in the customer service field.
This position can be fairly high-pressure, so potential employers will be hoping to find a candidate who has significant experience in a fast-paced work environment. A good customer service manager should be highly skilled in written and oral communication. Knowledge of technology is a help, since most businesses will require the person who fills this position to track employee time, product releases, and inventory on a variety of computer databases.
At least one customer service manager can be found at every business that requires direct dealings with customers, be it in person or over the phone. This is a position that draws many highly qualified candidates, and a good cover letter can improve your chances of standing out in the crowd. Consider the sample cover letter below as a starting point.

Claire Marie
98 Bookend Drive
Austin, TX 78610
April 5, 2014
Mr. James Gray
Human Resources Manager
ShopValue Supermarkets
38 Service Way
Austin, TX 78610
Dear Mr. Gray,
I am writing to express my interest in the open customer service manager position at ShopValue Supermarkets. I have a business administration degree and six years of customer experience, many of them as a manager. I am self-motivated, capable of multitasking, and very attentive to detail. I would love to put my skills and experience to work with your business.
I have been employed in the customer service field since I joined the workforce, beginning as a courtesy clerk at Butson’s Supermarket in Lebanon, New Hampshire and working my way up to assistant customer service manager with that company over the course of three years. When I moved to Texas, I worked briefly in sales with the Walford Marketing Group before moving back into the retail sector as a customer service manager with Hightop Department Stores. I have extensive experience in the management of a large team and can also deal with customers face to face as needed.
I have experience in all Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Access for payroll purposes. I am well-versed in spreadsheets and database programs, and am willing to learn new technologies as needed. I have excellent time management skills and have developed detailed employee schedules before. I believe that my strongest asset is my high level of attention to detail.
I am very excited about this opportunity and hope to discuss matters further with you during an interview. I have enclosed my resume, which provides more detail about my extensive customer service and managerial experience. I can be reached anytime during the day via phone at (512) 123-4567 or by email at [email] Thank you for your time, and I hope to speak with you soon.
Ms. Claire Marie
Encl: Resume

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