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Alexandra Righteous
344 Point Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 55677
T: 555-555-5555
E: [email]
November 24, 2008
Ryan Harrison
Beautiful Cuts
43 Hairy Drive Suite B
Virginia Beach, VA 55677
Dear Mr. Harrison,
Please accept my application for the full time position of Hairdresser at Beautiful Cuts that was advertised in the Sunday edition of Virginia Beach News.
Aside from having a true delight in what I do every day as a hairdresser, I also have full certification and training in appropriate hairdressing capacities from an accredited cosmetology school. Beyond this, I have over five years in hands on hairdressing in a full service salon-and have won many annual achievement awards for customer satisfaction and employee excellence.
Briefly, I am trained and excel in the following tasks and specialties: hair coloring, cutting, styling, business operations, training, cosmetics and color mixing, mani/pedi, and services for men, women, and children. For some visual aids, I have included a handful of photographs for styles that I have won accolades and/or awards for.
In conclusion, I value the work I do, and am very dedicated to all functions included in being a successful and effective hair dresser. I look forward to the possibility of offering these talents, skills, and experience to the future of Beautiful Cuts. I am the best candidate for your position.
Thanks so much in advance for your time and consideration.
Alexandra Righteous
Alexandra Righteous
Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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