Cover Letter For A Hairstylist

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Joan Riderson
43 Frederick Avenue
Tampa, FL 66533
September 14, 2010
Ms. Shawna Walker
Windmere Spa and Resort
145 West Street
Tampa, FL 66533
Dear Ms. Walker,
Chris Meadows, my Cosmetology instructor at Florida Cosmetology School, recommended that I contact you about a possible hair stylist opening at the salon you manage, Windmere Spa and Resort. With this recommendation and my astute enthusiasm, I offer my letter of application and resume.
As to my hair styling experience, skills, and talents; Ms. Meadows will attest that I was top of the class. I then went on to intern at Tampa’s prestigious Beauty Talents Salon where I was able to develop and fine tune my hair styling skills and experience. This said, I am at a level where I am ready to move on and up to a best in the area award-winning spa and resort, such as Windmere.
In addition to my enclosure of my resume, you will find a brief portfolio of styling photos I have been responsible, and applicable client recommendations. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. I very much look forward to hearing from you and speaking further about this opportunity at your earliest convenience.
Your Signature
Joan Riderson
Enclosure: Resume

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