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Jarod Gregory
Burberry Cosmetics
14 Success Way
New York, NY 77656
Dear Mr. Gregory,
There isn’t a person alive that I cannot sell to-and this is because I have only worked for companies in which I believed passionately in the products-to which my qualifications and experience can attest. This said, when I saw your call for Managers for Burberry Cosmetics, I knew I had found my next career step-as I have been an avid customer for years-whilst also respecting the manner in which you address your consumer. I have attached my resume for your review.
My philosophy is all sales management stems from a belief in sound product; but also, in a belief that I am there to help the customer find what they are looking for, and also, perhaps happen upon useful products that they might not have been aware that they needed. I do this with a grace that speaks of humanity and purpose, structured with a solid background in sales management. I believe it is necessary to lead a team by example, and so have I through ten solid years as a sales manager for retail establishments-heading teams of up to 20 employees towards sales success above and beyond company goals. I seek to bring all these necessary talents and qualifications to the position of Store Manager for Burberry Cosmetics for the position you have advertised.
Looking to increase your profit margin exponentially-especially during a time of economic turmoil? If you think an annual increase of over 200% is impressive, than I am your sales manager. I did this in my second year as sales manager at Macy’s Department Store, and increased sales profit over YTD sales in my first year at Sax. I have a strong track record of improving sales with my background, love of product, and team leading skills; and I know I can bring the same success to Burberry Cosmetics.
Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to discussing your thoughts for this position. I would welcome the opportunity of an interview, and can be reached any time at (999)999-9999.
Shawna Jones
Encl: Resume

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