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Sam Watters
56 West Point Avenue
Bangor, ME 66533
August 24, 2010
John Phillips-Office Manager
Maine Medical Hospital
Womens Health Office
Bangor, ME 66533
Dear Mr. Phillips,
I write in response to your posting on the Maine Medical Hospital website, seeking a Medical Receptionist; and have attached my resume for your convenience.
If you are looking for a friendly, professional, medically-inclined, people person to manage your medical office; I am the right person for your position. I have approximately five years working as a Medical Receptionist in a local hospital-Portland Regional Hospital, and over four years as an Administrative Assistant prior to this. In these capacities, I had increasingly more responsibility in daily tasks to include: general administrative duties, multi-line phone communication, correspondence in email/fax/in person, medical billing and invoicing, customer service, scheduling of patients, and troubleshooting all possible needs of medical staff. I am extremely good with people, and am dedicated to helping staff and patients in the most accurate and timely manner. I know what is required for a smoothly working medical office; and I know that I have the qualities to do so for your Womens Health Office.
I am looking forward to speaking with you further, and will await your call at (999)999-9999. Please let me know a time when you might be able to speak about this position, and how I might be able to fill these expectations. Thanks so much for your time.
Thank you for your consideration.
Sam Watters
Encl: Resume

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