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Bridgette Nielson
67 River Walk Drive
Blakefield, VT 44534
July 16, 2009
Rob Tonnas
Director of Nursing
Blakefield Regional Hospital
45 Hospital Way
Blakefield, VT 44534
Dear Mr. Tonnas,
I write in response to your advertisement seeking a qualified Nurse for the Blakefield Regional Hospital, and have included my resume for your review.
I am interested in the position of Nurse, at Blakefield Regional Hospital because I am well qualified, offer all credentials required of the advertisement, and have long held a high regard for Blakefield Regional Hospital.
Breifly, I am a graduate of the University of Vermont’s Nursing program; and offer approximately five years experience working as a Nurse on top of this. My specialty is medical surgery and am recently certified through the respective exams. I am interested in working for Blakefield Regional Hospital as I have been a patient there, and have heard of their wonderful residency programs available to learn from the best medical staff in the country. I am ready to take on the challenge of a prestigious and groundbreaking hospital such as yours.
I am seeking a position as Nurse at Blakefiled primarily because I know my experience, comprehensive education, and passion for helping people with quality care and attention would help many people; and also, offer me a chance to further my knowledge of Nursing with hands on experience from one of the best regional hospitals in the area. I am dedicated, intelligent, and work well with both patients and employees.
To view more specifics of my work background, various responsibilities and tasks, as well as departments that I have worked in-please review the enclosed resume. I am very much looking forward to discussing my background with you, and also learning more about the expectations for the Nurse position available. Please contact me at (999)999-9999 at your earliest convenience.
Bridgette Nielson
Bridgette Nielson
Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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