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Thomas Skerrit
678 Jury Lane
Saratoga Springs, FL 55434
June 1, 2009
Ms. Riley Thompson
Florida Hospital
33 Hospital Road
Saratoga Springs, FL 55434
Dear Ms. Thomson,
From the Florida Hospital website, I found an open Nursing position that I am very well qualified for. To this end, I submit my candidacy with this letter and included resume.
As you will see in my attached resume, I have over ten years as a Nurse in two hospitals. At present, I am employed at Saratoga Springs Community Hospital, and am in charge of all supervisory tasks of the Oncology department. I began as a Nurse Assistant in this department, and have shown excellence in all duties and responsibilities required; and thus, have achieved supervisory status to ensure the best medical care and treatment is given our oncology patients-as directed by hospital and doctors as appropriate. Previous to this position, I had the opportunity to work for Medlin Hospital in Orlando; which offered me a comprehensive education of a large scale corporate hospital-in which I was responsible for assisting nurses and doctors as needed in various departments of the hospital.
Throughout my career as a Nurse, I have been driven to provide the optimum care for the patients that I served; as this is the fuel for my dream of becoming a Nurse. As my professional references will attest, I have lived up to this dream, and demonstrated excellence in this regard, building fulfilling relationships with employees and patients in the hospitals in which I have served. As an employee, I am dedicated to the medical profession, talented, thorough, and a great team player. I am fantastic with people and work smoothly and accurately under pressure. These are all qualifications that make me a stellar choice for this open position of Nurse at your hospital.
Thank you for considering my application. If you would like to contact me to speak further about my experience, I can be reached at the following number: (999)999-9999. I look forward to this meeting, and thank you again for your time and consideration.
Thomas Skerrit
Encl: Resume

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