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Liza Phillips
16 South Lake Lane
San Jose, CA 77899

August 12, 2010
Ms. Randy Thomas
Strive For It Fitness
6667 Park Point Avenue
San Jose, CA 77899
Dear Ms. Thomas:
I recently heard about your need for a onsite Personal Fitness Trainer at Strive For It Fitness, and would love to take this opportunity to submit my candidacy for the position. I know I am a great fit for your club, and believe I could help many clients learn about optimum fitness from my experience and qualifications.
For a brief overview of my included resume, please read on. I was accredited with a degree for Recreation Management from San Jose State College, in which I was given comprehensive classroom and onsite training in fitness history, basics of fitness, health sciences, and new areas of fitness technique and form. Once graduated, I went on to be a Personal Trainer through Gold’s Gym; and remained on staff for all strength training and aerobic training for approximately six years. This is where I currently work. Though I am happy helping people to get fit on a daily basis, and seeing them transform their lives through proper sustained fitness and goal reaching; I am looking for more of a challenge-and to learn more-the Strive for It Fitness way. I know I could make a positive impact on many lives through being a part of the Strive For It Fitness team.
In summation, I have various letters of recommendation to offer in regards to my experience and success rate; as well as a portfolio of many before/after success stories of my personal fitness clients. I would love to set up a time to meet with you and show them to you. Is there a time that works for you next week? If so, please contact me at (999)999-9999 at your earliest convenience.
Thanks so much in advance for your consideration for this position.
Liza Phillips
Liza Phillips
Resume Attached as MS Word Document

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