Cover Letter For A Pharmacy Technician

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Jimmy Cabaret
77 Franklin Road
Park City, UT 33241
February 23, 2010
Mr. Jon Winters
Human Resources Manager
RX Drugs
456 Pharmacy Way
Park City, UT 33241
Dear Mr. Winters:
I saw your ad on Careerbuilder, seeking a qualified Pharmacy technician, and would like to take this opportunity to both introduce myself; as well as, offer my application for this position.
I have been accredited as a Pharmacy Technician and have over ten years experience in hands on related work. I have worked in two well reputed pharmacies within that time; and have handled and successfully processed thousands of prescription orders for customers in that time.
In my present position, I work in a team of five; and have specific responsibilities to include: administering prescription refills and orders, verifying identification and physician recommendation, contact with insurance companies, knowledge of generic alternatives, optimum customer service, as well as regular med-tech computer administration. I take my position very seriously and maintain the utmost in care, professionalism, and duty to the customer, the physician, and the pharmacy that I work for.
As my supervisors and customers can attest, I am extremely meticulous, hard working, and friendly. I am a go getter that works well as a part of team, and am enthusiastic about handling any responsibilities passed my way-to make the operation of a successful pharmacy run as smoothly and successfully as possible.
In closing, I warmly welcome the opportunity of an interview, to discuss my background further-as well as to learn more about your objectives for this position. I thank you very much for your time and consideration, and hope to become a part of the team in the future.
Jimmy Cabaret
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