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Samara Reynolds
45 Shaunnesay Way
Twin Forks, MI 44556
Your Address
November 20, 2009
Daniel Frank
Best Image Photography
132 Picture Road
Twin Forks, MI 44556
Dear Mr. Frank,
I write in reference to your recent advertisement seeking an experience Photographer for your professional photography studio, and have attached my resume and portfolio for your review.
At present, I am a professional Photographer who has over ten years experience taking photos for both magazines and online sites, as well as photography for various marketing materials. I have worked in both industries of periodical and marketing, and though I have enjoyed the experience and growth acquired there, I now seek to focus my interests, talents, and experience on professional portraiture photography. I hope to do so with Best Image Photography. Aside from visiting your site for a clearer idea of what kinds of photographs you present and their quality, I have also read countless write ups in community and statewide publications on the services that you offer. From one who values quality photographs, talented technique, and artistic to straight shot photos; I esteem your work highly. This is why I seek to work for you, learn your talents, and contribute to the long term success of Best Image Photography.
As many artists, I have a passionate ideal for my own art; but I am of a unique sort that can keep my own directives of photographic art separate from the aims of my profession. This said, I am willing to bring as much or as little of my creative spirit to the image you choose for your company-as I am passionate about all photography-especially quality portraits. I am also dedicated, a perfectionist, and have a quick turnaround-with minimal supplies and direction.
Please let me know if there is a time that would work for you to meet. I would very much like to show you my complete portfolio, list of clients, and speak about what I could bring to your team. To arrange an interview, please contact me at (999)999-9999 at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.
Your Signature
Samara Reynolds
Enclosure: Resume

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