Cover Letter Inquiring About Job Openings

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Often, in applying for positions, requiring asking a company that you want to work for if there are any positions that they could consider you for, when none are advertised. This requires a different kind of a cover letter. Here is a sample cover letter inquiring about job openings to help you know how to apply to a company of your choosing.
Charlie Farr
65 South Main Street
Bennington, VT 76433
August 13, 2009
Peter Snow
Merchandising Manager
Lowes Hardware
16 Hammer Street
Bennington, VT 76433
Dear Mr. Snow,
For the past five years, I have worked in various retail environments in both sales and merchandising roles, managerial and associate positions; and during this time, I have followed the on goings of your company, Lowe’s Hardware. I value all that your business stands for, and would like to take this opportunity to extend my application for employment for any job openings that you may find applicable.
My experience in Retail has extended through two industries, construction equipment and commercial hardware/home repair; and I look to extend the industry and communications skills I now own to the future success of your company. In both businesses to which I was employed, I was associate and then manager, and have a solid understanding of the perspective of both business to business and private construction. In repair, materials, tools, and actual construction technique and prowess; I know all that the industry might afford me in these functions. With this impressive set of skills and experience, I look to add extreme benefit and value to Lowe’s Hardware by applying all that I know, and have to offer.
I would like the ability to speak with you further regarding open Merchandising opportunities with Lowes Hardware, and ask that you please contact me for a discussion to this end at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.
Charlie Farr

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