Cover Letter of an Entry Level Job Seeker

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There are a wide array of kinds of cover letter formats that should be used to approach a position or company. One of the most common cover letter formats that people are often unaware of how to structure is that of the sample cover letter of an entry level job seeker. Below, we offer a sample of this format for your convenience.

Syrah Stevens
567 Grill Street
Carson City, NV 09567
c: 888-888-8888
Ely Mansfield
Bank Manager
Fidelity Bank Inc.
65 Money Street
Carson City, NV 09567
June1, 2008
Dear Mr. Mansfield,
I would like to express my interest in an entry-level analyst banking position with Fidelity Bank Inc. In my job search and research of the banking industry, I have come to value the company values, objectives, and career training of your bank. I am confident through the qualifications, education, and transferable skills listed in my enclosed resume, that I can add much benefit to your bank business-along with my enthusiasm for the financial industry, analytical research, and commerce in general.
Always an avid follower of the big and small changes in the banking and financial industries, I have followed the public movements of Fidelity Bank Inc for many years now. This said, through my education, part time work at two banking institutions, and my core values of hard work, enthusiasm, and determinism; I consider myself a valuable addition to Fidelity Bank Inc’s long term success.
In my education, I have gained a Bachelor of Science in Banking Administration, to cover all significant areas of business, finance, and economics. Moreover, I have been employed at two of the state’s most significant banking institutions on a part time basis, serving as teller in both functions. Lastly, I offer over 6 months internship working in the bank environment, in the office section of the institution-learning more about the selling, buying, and currency functions of a bank institution. In all of these functions, I was able to maximize my skills in communication, customer service, and understanding of financial currency and trade. With all of these details of my career history in mind, I am ready for a position with Fidelity Bank Inc to benefit us both.
Please review my enclosed resume and references and let me know if there are any other materials I can forward. Meanwhile, I very much look forward to the possible opportunity of meeting with you for a more involved discussion. Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,
Syrah Stevens

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